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18-21 Sept 2014
// Jean-François Lepage & Galerie Madé
Unseen Photo Fair 2014
Amsterdam, The Netherland

16 Nov 2014
// Auction – Photographies
Paris, France

Opening 18 Nov 2014
// Memories from the future (selection)
Galerie Quai 26
Lille, France

Opening 12 March 2015
// Recycle
Galerie Madé
Paris, France

Opening 30 May 2015
// Recycle
The Ravestijn Gallery
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Jean-Francois Lepage (b.1960) is a photographer whose working methods are closer to that of a painter. His paradoxically alluring and disquieting photographs bare evidence to a process in which he physically cuts, draws and works into their surface to intricately evolve and brutally deconstruct the original image. Lepage’s intuitive approach to the image-making process is cathartic. “I’m like a surgeon who faces his patient with lucidity and commitment but with the absolute certitude that the only person I can really save is – myself.” Over the past three and a half decades, since his first published images appeared in Depeche Mode, he has chosen to work sporadically for editorial and advertising clients, while taking time — including a 13-year period of abstinence from commercial environs — to pursue his art through painting in a purer form. Subsequently, Lepage has maintained his distinctive voice as his imagery has evolved. More recently he has begun to pull away from fashion once more. He is currently making new work, recycling photographs from his archive to build new pictures—finding his palette by cutting up outtakes from his old shoots of now discontinued 8×10, 891 Polaroid from the 1990s.

Phil Bicker
TIME LightBox – published Sept. 10 2014
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